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The Sanctuary of Saint Philomena Needs your support

God has allowed the Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale to be safe from rain storms once again. Saint Philomena’s devotees and others who love the Sanctuary sent almost enough money to repair the dome of this beautiful example of devotion to Our Lady. The Blessed Mother’s story is painted on the wooden ceiling and the statue of Our Lady of Grace is situated above the high altar.

For thousands of devotees this is such a very special church because within it rest the sacred remains of our Dear Little Saint, Philomena. Those fortunate enough to visit soon understand the strong spiritual presence held within.

Major repair to the dome has now been completed, but the contractors finished their expert work with only our word that the final payments would be forthcoming. So we must ask once again for help. With continuous restoration required in the Sanctuary along with the monthly outlay for general upkeep we don’t have enough to add this final amount. Donations came in from those who want Saint Philomena’s resting place to remain an eternal refuge. It is our mission to see that it remains just that.

We also must protect the many wonderful artifacts: the miraculous statue of Saint Philomena; the tiles from her tomb in the catacombs of Priscilla; Ven. Pauline Jaricot’s chair – where she sat as she was miraculously cured; the altar of Saint Philomena, which broke into two pieces and was miraculously joined together; the oil lamp which burns in front the sacred body of Saint Philomena and from which many miracles have been recorded.

Please be generous and support the earthly home of Saint Philomena wherein rests her sacred body.

Spreading the Devotion to St. Philomena Within the Sanctuary we also have the office for the Archconfraternity. We spread the devotion to St. Philomena word wide from here. Most of our printed material and devotional items made locally. We need your support to help us pay for this and with the cost of postage.

Support the Sanctuary of Saint Philomena

mothertheresa“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa   If you can, please send a donation, offer prayers for the works of the Sanctuary and the Archconfraternity: tell people about them and spread the devotion to our favorite little saint. We have many devotional items available to help support your prayer life, and with each purchase, you directly support the Sanctuary: statues, relic medals, cords, holy oil, books, prayer cards, and more. You can view the various items and shop online at Ways to send a donation:

  1. Direct to the Sanctuary via these specific methods:
    1. By personal check payable to the “Sanctuary of Saint Philomena.” For security reasons, please send your donation through registered or express mail to the Sanctuary.
    2. Online – use “Donate” button below.
    3. By bank transfer to the Sanctuary’s Bank account: SANTUARIO SANTA FILOMENA, BANCA UNICREDIT MUGNANO DEL CARDINALE (30525), BANK ACCOUNT: n° 000400102946, SWIFT CODE: UNCRITM1E94, IBAN: IT18D0200875790000400102946
  2. U.S.A. Tax-Deductible Donations may be sent to the new non-profit set up in the United States:
    1. Online – use “Donate” button below.
    2. Postal mail donations can be made to:
      Saint Philomena Sanctuary Support Fund, Inc.
      P.O. Box 4114
      Bergheim, Texas 78004, U.S.A.

Make a donation directly to the U.S. non-profit:

Make a donation directly to the Sanctuary:


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